Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins


I started my astronomy journey when I was 7 years old. My uncle brought out a 60mm Meade refractor and we looked at Saturn.  I was hooked from that day on.  I have taken pictures with cameras like my Minolta Maxxum(35mm film camera)  which amounted to just a lot of frustration for me.  I then progressed to a digital point and shoot to no avail.  It wasn’t until DSLR cameras started to make its entry into the community that I started to make some minor headway in shooting half-decent photos.

In 2017, I purchased my first cooled astrocam a SBIG STF-8300m.  From there I went to a QHY 16200a and currently shooting with a QHY 268m.  My equipment consisted of many telescopes over the years.  However, my current arsenal consists of an Astro-Physics 130edf Gran Turismo and a Redcat 51.  My mounts are the SkyWatcher EQ8-r and EQ6r-Pro.   I use all Optolong filters(LRGB and SHO 3nm) and I use the Eagle 4Pro from Primaluce Lab loaded with NINA, PHD2, CCD Inspector, ASTAP and Green Swamp Server.

On May 13, 2022, I was honored to be elected as a Fellow in the Royal Astronomical Society.

I am looking forward to taking more photos and if you wish to see some, you can visit my Astrobin page here. 


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