Jason Jaynes

Jason Jaynes


Jason Jaynes lives in Mesa, AZ and is a Video Engineer by trade. Jason says I’m relatively new to the astrophotography hobby so I don’t feel I’m necessarily “the” go to guy for advice for anything in this hobby other than what not to do.  I have managed to get some good images along the way and have really advanced my skills over the last 2-3 years and know that I have way more to learn.

I started in 2012, initially focused on landscape photography…primarily the milky way and star trails.  I found myself getting mostly the same images despite the different landscapes, so I started the transition into more targeted deep space, wide field imaging.  I still have a lot  to learn and am trying to find time to better hone my skills in the post processing and technique, but I love the support from the community as a whole and look forward to seeing where I eventually end up..

I came to AstroWorld TV initially as a viewer for a few months and eventually I asked Dan if I could lend my professional skills to the show so I am now a participating host as well as the “man behind the scenes” that physically produces the show most weeks. We are here because of you and we strive to be a place where as a collective we can all learn and grow better, together


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